Rebel For Good’s Approach

From Identity to Impact

Identity-Driven Impact

R4G believes that wherever you may be in your impact journey, impact begins with identity. Discover your organization’s unique identity and articulate your greatest mission impact. We can help guide you in articulating your core identity, ensuring that your strategies and actions resonate authentically with your mission and values.

Strategic Ecosystem Building

We specialize in catalyzing meaningful connections and creating powerful networks that align with your goals and can help you unlock your greatest mission impact. Our approach connects you with the right partners and stakeholders, fostering a collaborative environment essential for maximizing your impact.

Integrated Mission-Driven Fundraising

Blend the art of relationship-building with the precision of data-driven insights. Our fundraising strategies utilize the ‘4Cs’ (please see below) and are tailored to identify and attract the right prospects for sustainable capital.

Empowerment and Sustainable Impact

At Rebel For Good, we believe in empowering changemakers. Our resources and tools are designed to activate and scale your capacity for impact, driving meaningful and lasting change in your communities and beyond.

What Are the 4 Cs?

Convene the Right People

In collaboration with your team, the end-to-end execution of exclusive events (such as mixers, salon dinners, private events, etc.) for your organization to prospect investors and strategic partners - including access to any additional events within the R4G ecosystem

Content Creation

Create and curate relevant content pieces, in the format (i.e. written article, speaking opportunity, etc.) of your organization's choosing, that best articulate your organization’s unique identity, story, and vision for impact

Catalyze Meaningful Connections

Provide access to new networks and make individualized introductions to prospects within R4G’s ecosystem and work with your team to identify best prospects and open new doors within our combined ecosystems

Cultivation Strategy

Regular check-in and strategy sessions with R4G for ongoing guidance to cultivate the right ecosystem for long-term sustainable capital


Our suite of services transform visions into reality, empowering you and your organization to achieve your greatest mission impact


Begin Your Impact Journey

At Rebel For Good, we partner with you to develop clear and practical strategies that can ignite transformative change and help you make a real difference. We work closely with you to understand and articulate your greatest mission impact, and from there, develop a plan that positions your organization for sustainable success.

Fundraising Solutions

Catalyze Capital For Good

Our expertise lies in creating mission-driven fundraising strategies that help you unlock your greatest mission impact. We specialize in building and cultivating capital ecosystems that align with your values, ensuring the right mix of investors and strategic partners.

Capacity Building

Activate Your Impact Potential

Rebel For Good offers a range of workshops and training sessions designed to empower you and your team with the tools and insights to actively drive change. From leadership development to impact measurement, our workshops are crafted to provide practical, actionable knowledge.

Sylvia Kim is also available for speaking engagements.

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