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Mission-Driven Fundraising 101

Unleash your impact as a fundraising professional with our comprehensive Mission-Driven Fundraising 101 course. Designed for fundraising and development professionals in nonprofits, social enterprises, and mission-driven businesses who are seeking to deepen their knowledge and skills around strategies to cultivate major donors and increase individual giving. The strategies discussed throughout this course will help unlock your organization’s greatest mission impact by identifying and engaging the right donors and investors who can help you achieve sustainable capital.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Understand Mission-Driven Fundraising: Learn the principles of forming a capital ecosystem to maximize and sustain your mission impact.
  • Develop Identity and Storytelling Skills: Elevate your storytelling skills by articulating your organizational identity in a way that resonates with potential donors. Learn the fundamentals of an ‘elevator pitch’ and how to craft compelling customized narratives to draw potential donors closer to your cause.
  • Cultivate Relationships and Matchmaking: Learn the art of building long-term relationships and the science of using data to identify and qualify prospects.
  • Ecosystem Building Strategies: Gain insights into assessing your current ecosystems and then envisioning and articulating an ideal ecosystem for your greatest mission impact. Learn to implement cultivation strategies that help build an ecosystem with long-term sustainable capital.

What You Get

Video Course Modules

In this four-part course, Sylvia Kim provides the groundwork for everything you need to implement the R4G mission-driven approach to fundraising

Supplementary Materials

A supplementary PDF guide that provides additional information and resources for each course module

R4G Community

Exclusive access to a peer-to-peer community of like-minded fundraising professionals for ongoing support, including Q&As with Sylvia Kim, and opportunities to share resources

Mission-Driven Fundraising 101

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